Best 2020 - Whole Whey-Chocolate MetaOrganics 340 g Powder

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 Whole Whey-Chocolate MetaOrganics 340 g Powder. 

👍Whole Whey Protein Concentrate Chocolate
👍Sweet Whey from 100% grass fed cow's milk. Biologically Active Nutrients that are high in Immuno-Protective Factors.
👍Gently processed avoiding high tempuratures to retain delicate, Naturally Occurring enzymes and immune factors.

Metaorganics whey protein powder We were so happy with the NATURAL vanilla bean flavor in that flavor, that we ordered the chocolate as well. Have done a ton of research on basic protein powders & this is my favorite on manufacturing processes, ingredients and flavor. Quite happy.

Best Metaorganics Sport Nutrition 

Metaorganics Whey Protein Good whey protein! Have to blend the chocolate longer to dissolve though!

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