Best 2020 - Vita Xtrong ISO PRO Chocolate Cake Batter

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 Vita Xtrong ISO PRO Chocolate Cake Batter. 

👍GREAT TASTING & FAST ACTING HYDROLYZED WHEY ISOLATE: Our great tasting formula was created to give you 27 grams of Fast Acting Hydrolyzed Whey Isolate. Our Iso-Pure protein powder delivers partially predigested FAST hydrolyzed whey protein isolate known to be the purest and healthiest whey protein in the world!
👍27G OF 100% PURE WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE: To build muscle you need to fuel with TRUE protein, Our whey protein isolate absorbs instantly giving you 27 grams of high quality protein without cheap amino fillers or excess carbs.
👍100% LACTOSE & GLUTEN FREE: Iso-Pro is the perfect whey protein isolate if you’re sensitive to lactose and gluten. That’s because the lactose and gluten commonly found in other proteins is carefully filtered out of 100% ISOPRO. Now you can drink your whey without the worry.

Vita Xtrong whey protein powder Usually I'm very unimpressed with protein however this one has a very nice taste and blends well with no clumping. Add a banana for strawberry banana an awesome breakfast and start to my day.i started with half a scoop a day and it's been an easy transition to a full serving.

Best Vita Xtrong Sport Nutrition Delish! Mix with chocolate milk and it tastes like a chocolate covered strawberry shake. Super filling for breakfast and has me set for the day 👍🏻

Vita Xtrong Whey Protein I have been taking whey protein for years and this is one of the best ones I have taken to date. Usually you get proteins that are hard to mix, but this virtually blends with zero clumping. On top of that the taste is great, its not as sweet as most other Vanilla flavors. It's a power packed powder with 27 G pure protein per scoop, you won't be disappointed!

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