Best 2020 - Organic Protein Powder Supplement Shake 25 Grams Pure Whey (Chocolate Rush)

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 Organic Protein Powder Supplement Shake 25 Grams Pure Whey (Chocolate Rush). 

👍PEPTIDE AMINO ACIDS - Peptide amino acids are the building blocks of the body and help the body heal after a strenuous workout. An added benefit is that the peptide helps maintain a healthy body.
👍OMEGA 3 - Our Omega 3 comes from cold-pressed Krill. The health benefits of omega fatty acids ranges from brain and nervous system stimulation to autoimmune issues and inflammation.
👍COMPLETE - Organic Protein Matrix has a full spectrum of necessary vitamins and minerals to make it a REAL MEAL REPLACEMENT. It is not just a protein drink, it is a real meal with all of the needed nutrients.

ImpaKt Fitness whey protein powder I have ordered this product several times. I have tried many, but this one tastes the best. A nice chocolate flavor. I like the fact it is dairy free as I am lactose intolerant. The product takes a bit of shaking or mixing to dissolve, but it does make you full. I would definitely recommend it.

Best ImpaKt Fitness Sport Nutrition I bought this product and I am very happy with it. It mixes really well in my shaker cup and has a good taste. I would for sure recommend this product. I also use the chocolate and male replenish and am really happy with my results.

ImpaKt Fitness Whey Protein This protein is honestly the best on the market! I am a colligate basketball athlete who has always been looking for something that bring the results of top level performance and recovery to my body and mind. If you get this, just know that it is the real stuff! I used to feel held down after taking protein but with these and the digestive enzymes that are included in the mix it reacts perfectly with my sore muscles and tired body to give me a instant buzz on what i need in a recovery drink. I HIGHLY recommend this!

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