Best 2020 - be LEGEND WheyProtein Powder 2.2 lbs (Pineapple)

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 be LEGEND WheyProtein Powder 2.2 lbs (Pineapple). 


be LEGEND whey protein powder 

Best be LEGEND Sport Nutrition 

be LEGEND Whey Protein be LEGEND is the best tasting protein shake I've ever had. Not the highest amount of protein per serving, however it is like having a nice refreshing smoothie in the morning of after a workout. There is literally no "protein" shake aftertaste.Glad to see this product offered Prime shipping in USA.My feedback regarding the various flavors:Berry - Japanese label translates to "very very berry" Only negative is that after a good blend with the Promixx, the top is all foam...Banana - Very good, probably the best flavorPineapple - Very slight hint of protein in aftertaste, but still very enjoyableOther flavors I haven't tried: Apple, Melon

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