Best 2020 - Swanson Goat Whey Protein Concentrate 14 Ounce (397 g) Pwdr

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 Swanson Goat Whey Protein Concentrate 14 Ounce (397 g) Pwdr. 

👍Helps build muscle, optimize muscle performance and maintain muscle mass
👍Supports a healthy body weight and satiety

Swanson whey protein powder Compared to other goat milk whey products this one was priced right, and the flavor was just a wee bit goaty (barely noticeable to me).I think this is great for people who are very sensitive to cow's milk whey (even grass fed whey). For most people, however, I think I'd recommend a good grass-fed cow's milk whey (I like the one made by Organic Whey that uses A2 milk).

Best Swanson Sport Nutrition This protein powder is easy to digest and practically tasteless. It’s the best I’ve found to increase my protein levels, a difficult problem with some of my health issues. My doctors thought it a good choice. I have ith in a smoothie almost every morning.

Swanson Whey Protein I have to say I was a bit nervous about trying goat whey protein because of what I thought it might taste like. However, since I cannot use regular whey protein (lactose intolerant), I was willing to try this product. My first time making a smoothie with this protein it did have a bit of a bitter after taste. It reminded me a lot of a milder after taste that you get from eating Chobani greek yogurt. Certainly not horrible tasting, but definitely more bitter. In my second smoothie I added a tablespoon of agave. This did the trick! No more bitter after taste. This protein has been great. I have no bloating or unsettled stomach issues like I did with regular whey protein and with one scoop of this protein (around 11 grams of protein, verses the recommended two scoops, 22 grams) in my breakfast smoothie I am not hungry at all until lunch.This is more expensive than the regular whey protein I used to purchase, but since I am only using one scoop verses two, it should last around the same amount of time. I will definitely buy this product again!

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