Best 2020 - ISOLIT (Chocolate Milk)

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 ISOLIT (Chocolate Milk). 

👍25 grams protein per scoop
👍High biological value
👍Elevates muscle protein synthesis

Primeval Labs LLC whey protein powder Hi my name is John, so I received this product unsure of its quality. in the first three days that I started using this product I felt noticeable changes. I'm a 52 year old man working in the automotive industry in Portland Oregon. I'm not a body paint tech. I work over 10 hours a day for five or six days at a time. I did not realize that was lacking protein, until I started using this product. This product is amazing! Within 3 days of using this product my muscles quit aching. My mood changed from negative to positive. This product is off the hook, and I recommend it to anybody who is in the automotive industry to use this product. It will change your life. Thank you for producing a high quality product with excellent flavor....

Best Primeval Labs LLC Sport Nutrition The taste is just ok. I probably will not order it again.

Primeval Labs LLC Whey Protein Love this taste of vanilla not sure why but i had vanilla from other brands this one is good.

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