Best 2020 - PROMIX Standard 100 Percent All Natural Grass Fed & Undenatured - Best for Optimum Fitness Nutrition Shakes & Energy Smoothie Bowls: Peanut Butter 5 lb Bulk- Look Better Naked Whey

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 PROMIX Standard 100 Percent All Natural Grass Fed & Undenatured - Best for Optimum Fitness Nutrition Shakes & Energy Smoothie Bowls: Peanut Butter 5 lb Bulk- Look Better Naked Whey. 

👍The only grass-fed whey with 3rd Party Verified Glutathione (Mother of All Antioxidants) with 180mg/serving. Undenatured & cold processed so you get more bioactive ingredients: lactoferrin, CLA's and L-Carnitine
👍Our protein powder has 25g Protein, & 5.9g BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) per serving. The optimum ingredients for clean nutrition, lean muscle and the best fitness results.
👍HIGHER TESTING STANDARDS: PROMIX has higher testing standards on whey quality than any other whey protein: Corn free, soy free, gluten free, non GMO, hormone free and no chemical bleaching or additives. Our ingredients are all naturals.

ProMix Nutrition whey protein powder I have been buying this product for over a year and having 1 protein shake a day...I don't know if they just changed something but this last batch made me sick...terrible intestinal cramping and upset took me 2 weeks to figure out it was the protein powder because I have never had a problem with it before. As soon as I stopped the shakes, it went away. I'm so bummed! Lost a customer here. Wasted $80.

Best ProMix Nutrition Sport Nutrition I love this stuff!!! Since I started counting macros, it seems like I’m always looking to add a few more grams of protein. Now I make my coffee with a serving in the morning and I’m usually not short on protein in the evenings. Since I’m in south Florida, hot coffee is out of contention through most of the year. Here’s my protein packed, Starbucks frapaccino, cold brew, copy cat recipe.4 Tablespoons course ground coffee into 32oz water. Steep for 24-48 hours and strain. (About 28-30oz finished)34g ProMix Vanilla Protein14g Honey14g Molasses60g Half & HalfI recommend steeping the coffee at room temp and mixing all ingredients prior to chilling. Sometimes the protein clumps. Allow to sit in the fridge and shake occasionally before drinking. The clumps will dissolve. Also, I make several at a time so they’re ready to go in the morning when I want it. I’ve never had one go bad but I also can’t stay away long enough for them to sit in the fridge longer than a few days. ENJOY!!!!

ProMix Nutrition Whey Protein I've been a user of Promix Unflavored Grass-Fed Whey protein for almost 3 years. In that time, I've gone thru three different 5-lb orders. My first order arrived in a bag (before they switched to the tubs) almost three years ago. The flavor was non-existent and mixed very well. I could hardly tell it was there. Great stuff! My protein shake recipe is as follows:12 oz Califia Toasted Coconut Almondmilk Blend2 scoops Promix~1 tsp Hershey's chocolate powder1 packet TruviaDash of espresso powderDelicious mix!I finally ran out of the original order last fall when I got serious about weight-lifting. The second batch I ordered was more yellow than the original and also slightly sweeter (see attached photo, second order on left and original order on right). But, it seemed to mix even better and actually enhanced the flavor of my protein shakes. However - the amount of protein in each scoop changed from 15 grams per two scoops to 25 grams per two scoops, and the scoop size also changed to slightly larger - again, see attached photos.My third order, placed this past April, was a different story. If I had written a review last fall, I would've given this product five stars. However, the batch I received in April was even more pale than the first order, doesn't mix nearly as well, and has also given me diarrhea every day I've consumed it, going on for a month!I was traveling at the time I started this new batch of Promix and originally attributed my upset stomach to that. However, I determined it was indeed Promix because when I returned home I continued to have diarrhea on the days I consumed Promix, and a happier stomach on the days I didn't.I've enjoyed using this product but the inconsistency is of great concern to me, and I am very disappointed by the fact that I have had a very upset stomach because of their product. I hope this review is viewed by the manufacturer and they address this issue. Like a previous, recent reviewer who is also suffering the same issues as me, I hope this is just a fluke batch but I am switching to another product from a different brand in the meantime.

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