Best 2020 - Nectar, Strawberry Kiwi, 2 Pounds

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 Nectar, Strawberry Kiwi, 2 Pounds. 

👍Mixes Instantly
👍Zero Carbs and Zero Fat
👍Refreshing Fruit Juice Flavor

Syntrax whey protein powder I had a Gastric bypass almost 15 years ago and have actually kept my weight off unlike others that I know that have had the surgery. Unfortunately it left me with side effects, one of them being a protein deficiency from not being able to eat more than a few bites at every meal. I started drinking this tea as my protein suppliment because I found the other ones to be too filling since they turned into more of a milkshake. This is no different than having a glass of iced tea with your's got a ton of protein and low calorie. Since using it, along with a 5000mcg Biotin suppliment every day as thinning hair has grown fuller and my nails grow longer and stronger. It is the best tasting protein suppliment I have found and will continue drinking it because I see such a positive change in my body.

Best Syntrax Sport Nutrition I hate protein drinks but because I am post bariatric sleever I have to drink protein drinks..this is mixes well with water, orange juice, v8 fruit smoothies or juice etc

Syntrax Whey Protein Like for most of us, it takes time to find a protein powder that really works for you. So when I found Nectar by Syntrax I was happy, relieved and have never looked back.Personally, I don't like mixing protein with milk and it seems that most of the bulk/more affordable (while still great!) powders are chocolate, vanilla and more milk-mixable based products. But, Nectar mixes PERFECTLY in water and tastes great. I like this because it's less filling/bloating and more refreshing, than a task. Most important - it works the best for me. I see the best results and feel better with it than without it or any other protein powders. The only store that used to carry this was Vitamin Shoppe, but sadly it's been discontinued there. Luckily, it's available here on Amazon and even a bit cheaper! We're all changing with the times!My go to flavor is the Kiwi-Strawberry! I highly recommend this product.Please consider hitting the "Helpful" buttons and leave a comment if you'd like! Thanks!

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