Best 2020 - FoxyFit Protein for Her, Cinnamon Roll Whey Protein Powder with CLA for Fat Loss and Biotin for Healthy Glow (1.85 lbs.)

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 FoxyFit Protein for Her, Cinnamon Roll Whey Protein Powder with CLA for Fat Loss and Biotin for Healthy Glow (1.85 lbs.). 

👍20G OF PROTEIN PER SERVING: Perfect for meal replacement or as a healthy option for your post workout protein shake.
👍AMAZING TASTE & TEXTURE: Say goodbye to the chalky, clumpy, and foul-tasting proteins you may have tried before. No longer do you have to compromise taste for quality.
👍STACKS WELL WITH BCAA: Protein stacks great as a post-workout shake if you pair it with Foxy Fit BCAAs as a pre or intra-workout shake.

FoxyFit whey protein powder I decided to try this one after using Vshape and I get a lot more for my money. I love the shakes with frozen fruit and water... so far in 3 weeks I have lost 10 pounds. LOVE IT and I will continue to buy it.

Best FoxyFit Sport Nutrition Honestly I wanted to like this. The flavour and texture were great and I did have a lot of energy after drinking it. However it is WAY over the top sweet!!! And trust me I tried doctoring it. I did a cup of milk and a cup of water plus ice cubes and still couldn’t cut the sweet down. I tried doing half a scoop thinking okay so I’ll be able to split it for two shakes....nope, still too sweet! Tried half a scoop with 1cup of milk and 1 cup of water and ice cubes, a little better but still too much on the sweet side. One thing is sure I wasn’t hungry with all that liquid lol!!! I’ll finish the tub out because it’s expensive. But I’m going to have to say no to a subscription, which I was going to do. I’m not squeamish about an artificial sweetener in moderation but I don’t believe this can be good for anyone. Honestly why do you need to make a product this sweet!!

FoxyFit Whey Protein I've tried all sorts of protein powders, and most of them really don't taste great, especially on their own with nothing else mixed into it. Not only does this taste amazing just on its own, but I am full afterwards - the first time I drank it, I was almost too full to finish the entire thing! I have been using it as a meal replacement for the past week. I need to lose weight and lower my cholesterol, and read that whey protein helps that, so we'll see how this - combined with a heart-healthy diet - will do in that regard.

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