Best 2020 - Fighterdiet Whey Protein Vanilla - 32 oz

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 Fighterdiet Whey Protein Vanilla - 32 oz. 


Fighterdiet whey protein powder I use protein powder every day and have therefore tried a lot of different brands. This is my favorite because it has a short list of ingredients, is relatively low in calories and tastes great. I use it in my coffee every morning, in green smoothies, to make shakes and also add it to my oat bran breakfast. I make sure to never run out.

Best Fighterdiet Sport Nutrition Love this whey protein! The best I have ever used and I have tried many other brands. Nothing beats Fighter Diet Whey. It mixes well and the vanilla flavor is great. (Chocolate and caramel are great too. I haven’t tried the peanut butter flavor yet.)

Fighterdiet Whey Protein It is hard for a woman to find good protein powder that not too heavy on a stomach, have no artificial ingredients and does the job. There are so many on a market today and I think over years I have tried almost all better ones. Unfortunately none of them ever worked out. Most upset my stomach and some I can not drink on a regular bases, as they tasted artificial and unpleasant after a few weeks. Until I have found Pauline’s protein powder. I absolutely love it, it is my one and only “ go to” powder now. I am drinking it in the morning after the gym and it fills me up as a perfect and delicious breakfast. As woman on a go this is perfect for me, great time saver and money saver. I take it on trips as meal substitute when I have no healthy food choices around me, on conferences, workshops, long airport travels, vacation, you name it. I never get tired of the flavor ( I love vanilla). It is so mind. I mix it just with water, my husband love to drink it with almond milk, banana and some ice blended. Pauline, thank you so much for an amazing clean and delicious powder. Best out there. Period.

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