Best 2020 - Solgar - Whey To Go Protein Powder, Natural Vanilla Flavor, 33 Oz.

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 Solgar - Whey To Go Protein Powder, Natural Vanilla Flavor, 33 Oz.. 

👍WHY WHEY PROTEIN: Whey is an excellent source of protein due to its high biological value. Whey is the protein of choice due the way the body efficiently utilizes it because of its high biological value. It also has a complete essential amino acid profile
👍SUPERIOR CREATION: Solgar Whey to Go Protein Powder is a highly efficient, advanced protein enhancement product. It’s formulated with a blend of uniquely processed whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. Cross-flow micro filtration adds the amino acid availability, absorption and utilization
👍SIMPLE TO MAKE: Powder is easily blended with water or your preferred choice of milk and could even be added to things such as yogurt, sauces, muffins and other bake mixes. Low in fat, free of gluten, 98% lactose free and easy to mix makes this a great way to add high quality protein to your daily calorie intake

Solgar whey protein powder Tastes great, has real sugar and is a micro filtered whey so it does not give you an upset stomach like other protein powders. Great for kids too!

Best Solgar Sport Nutrition Makes great protein smoothies

Solgar Whey Protein we have been purchasing and consuming this protein for years and find it at regularly at a great price, here on is a high quality whey protein isolate, cross-flowed and micro-filtered... some of the best whey protein you can mixes very easily and homogeneously, as well as it tastes terrific with coconut water... it also mixes completely and tastes great with straight h2o, as well... it has very little sugar and has a high PER, protein efficiency ratio (effectively, it is a highly bioavailable protein)... the Chocolate, though it has 9g sugar per serving from beets, is also terrific and a nice change from the natural vanilla; Solgar Whey To Go Protein Powder, Natural Chocolate Flavor, 41 Ounce . sometimes we mix the two together to minimize the sugar in half and reduce the chocolate flavor, still at half is plenty of chocolate and tasty flavor.very pleased...Thank you! :-)

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