Best 2020 - Redcon1 MRE, Meal Replacement Protein 7.15 Pound (Fudge Brownie)

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 Redcon1 MRE, Meal Replacement Protein 7.15 Pound (Fudge Brownie). 


REDCON1 whey protein powder Gastric sleeve 02/19. Down 67lbs. Figured why not do the other half and hit the gym? I was one of those fat guys who would go to the gym, workout the wrong way, eating the wrong things, sweat a lot (no really), and find myself frustrated bc I didn't see any visible changes.Ok. So weight off. What do I fill the tank with so that I can maximize my stomach volume with the best nutrients for me in an easy to drink medium. My bodybuilding nephew turned me onto MRE. No hidden proprietary blends, and every ingredient clearly stated. Thank you Paul.Why not just eat a strict "real food" diet. Answer: I can't I can eat 2 bites of meat. An egg takes me 20 min to eat bc I feel full so fast.If not for MRE I couldn't do it. I'd be eating eggs all day, a feat I can't physically manage. I eat 2 scoops every 2 hours from 0600- 2000. I get exactly what I need and nothing I don't. SUPER easy to eat clean this way. No guesswork or estimation. I know what and how much I'm getting. It's been a few mos and I can say without hesitation that MRE has enabled me to be successful in my goals. Nutrition is a key component to fitness and MRE allows me to dial in to what I need.After a shake ( around 260 cal 750ml) I don't feel ;like I'm still hungry. Watching my macros allows me to very nearly get the perfect ratio for carbs and protein. I add some MCT powder to a few shakes to get the fat intake as well. So satisfied to get control over my diet with MRE. And no: I don't work for Redcon1.Is it pricey? yup. However, no wasted calories and complete control over my intake. I spend less overall on food I won't finish or eat. I love this stuff. And yes this is all I intake for my diet. And I've done it for months. No attenuation, still satisfied.

Best REDCON1 Sport Nutrition Love this stuff.It does exactly what it is made to do; replace a meal. I work midnights so it’s not always the easiest to eat 3 meals a day. I typically just do 2 scoops for a hold-me-over and I feel great.I’ve not had any negative side effects and never have that bloated feeling after chugging a shake down.Only thing I would ask is to add a little more fat content, but thats not a deal breaker for me.Also the taste is fantastic. It isn’t as smooth as a protein shake, but its main ingredient is oats so that is to be expected.

REDCON1 Whey Protein Lots of whining about this product being “gritty” or not mixing well. Have you noticed that the first ingredient listed is Rolled Oats? What you are seeing is the carb source. Oats are not water soluble. That is ground up oats. Ugh.This product rocks. A wonderfully different variety of protein sources. Seriously good taste. Made from Whole Foods. What else do you need or want? Buy it already.

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