Best 2020 - Puori - PW1 Pastured Raised Whey Protein Powder, Only 5 Natural Ingredients, Non-GMO, 21g Protein, Dark Chocolate, 1.98lbs

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 Puori - PW1 Pastured Raised Whey Protein Powder, Only 5 Natural Ingredients, Non-GMO, 21g Protein, Dark Chocolate, 1.98lbs. 

👍WHY DID WE MAKE PW1: Many protein supplements contain artificial sweeteners, additives and unnecessary ingredients. We want products that only contains the essential building blocks for recovery.
👍BENEFITS: Protein help maintain and grow muscle mass, and right after exercise the muscles recovers better when supplementing with protein.
👍FULL TRANSPARENCY: Every batch of every product tested for purity and potency by Clean Label Project. They use independent laboratories and publish the test results for everyone to see.

Puori whey protein powder I purchased this product because I had read somewhere that is was supposed to be one of the cleanest proteins out there. However, that is not the case for the chocolate flavor. I find it very frustrating to not know what you are really getting when purchasing a product, especially if you are buying something considered organic for instance and finding out it has more "crap" in it than something non-organic.Anyway, I love the taste of this product, perfect flavor and sweetness and no artificial crap or funky aftertaste. You do have to really shake it up and not just stir; however, I always still find one chunk of chocolate at the bottom of the glass. My budget is very tight and while I'm willing to pay for quality, I think I'll try the next product down on the clean list as I've used it before many years ago and it's almost half the price if I recall. Didn't seem like there were as many serving as stated on package either.I am not a bodybuilder so can't really comment on other details, I was only looking for another source of protein since I rarely eat meat of any kind.

Best Puori Sport Nutrition I've lifted weights for a good chunk of my life, but fell off the wagon. Recently I started back up along with taking protein supplements. One day I stumbled across the "Clean Label" project as I was researching other products. I was amazed to find that the protein powder I had been taking for years (a well-known, name brand) had rated very poorly for BPAs (a known endocrine disruptor). Basically, this is a chemical commonly found in many plastics that is linked to cancer and developmental disorders.I was taken aback. This wasn't even the worst of all of the proteins. Some had neurotoxic mercury, lead, or even just didn't have the advertised amount of protein in them. Maybe I shouldn't have been too surprised - the entire supplement industry is not regulated by the FDA.So, I went onto the clean label project's list of best proteins, and found this: Puori's PW1 Vanilla Whey Powder. It was expensive...double what I paid for a 2lb jug of my previous, however you can't put a price on what you put into your body.The quality is great. It tastes excellent by itself, even better if you don't mind combining your shake in a blender with fruit (like bananas). It's vanilla - which means it's also neutral enough be combined with your favorite recipes for an extra protein zip. It blends well even in a basic shaker cup...not chalky, or clumpy like some others -- and yes, I've tried a lot over 15 years...I can count 20+ different brands off the top of my head...this is pretty good.I buy it though because it's been independently tested to have what it claims to, and NOT give me lead poisoning (it's funny we have to even say that, thanks Congress/FDA). I buy it because there are only 5 ingredients in it.My ONLY criticism besides the price is the lack of flavors. I would really like to see a banana cream version of this, so I don't have to spike my protein shakes with the sugar from actual bananas.Keep doing what you're doing Puori!

Puori Whey Protein Pouri has fraudulently changed the best by/expiration date of its protein power. I have purchased the protein powder for my two children and I took the additional steps the check the packaging of the powder after my wife complained of a rotten smell from it . Upon further inspection, I have discovered that Puori covered the actual expiration date on its packaging with a sticker that changed the expiration date to the sane month next year. I have purchased this item in the first week of November 2019 and the actual expiration date on the package was November 2019. The sticker that covered the actual expiration date shied November 2020. I can’t speak for any other consumers but if a company is capable of defrauding it’s customers with expiration date of their product,the next logical question one would ask might be what else is company capable of and can I trust this company at all ? I am utterly sickened to to my stomach from the thought that I fell for this company’s BS PR. I have been also using their fish oil , but needless to say I am dropping this company altogether Immediately. I will be reporting this to the relevant state and federal agencies about this matter.

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