Best 2020 - OPTIMUM NUTRITION Oats and Whey Protein Powder, Naturally Flavored Vanilla Bean, 3 Pound

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 OPTIMUM NUTRITION Oats and Whey Protein Powder, Naturally Flavored Vanilla Bean, 3 Pound. 

👍No artificial flavors or sweeteners
👍Made with whole grain oats supplying 4 grams of dietary fiber

Optimum Nutrition whey protein powder EDIT: So I contacted Amazon and they said they need 2-3 others to report this before they pull the plug on it. PLEASE CALL Optimum Nutrition and Amazon and report this, it is irresponsible and fraudulent to be sold under the original listing/reviews! Amazon refunded me for the 1 tub I purchased with the formula change. Please call and do the same. Thanks!Sadly, this product has changed and should be listed as a different product now! Very disappointing. Many people including myself, chose this product for its original ingredients, and it is irresponsible for it to be sold under the same listing with the added Stevia product (the name rightly changed on the actual product). It dangerous to some in fact. I will contact Amazon to see that this gets done.

Best Optimum Nutrition Sport Nutrition Take this before a workout for the right amount of carbs and protein to get you an optimal pump. Take a regular protein after your workout.Anyways, on to the review... This protein is sweetened with the dirty kind of Stevia, meaning it's more chemical than it is plant at this point. It's not super sweet though like the sucralose based proteins and I'm hoping that unlike sucralose this stuff doesn't kill off healthy gut bacteria.Now is this a bang for your buck? Probably not. For around the same price Muscle Feast offers 8 lbs of oat flower which is essentially what's mixed in with this protein. You do with that information whatever you'd like. For the lazy though who prefer there oats and whey all in one, go for it.In conclusion, this was not a bad deal :)

Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Do yourself a favor and get a food scale. Without one, there's no way to know if you're getting what you paid for. Take a look at both photos. I weighed a scoop of this protein powder to make sure the label was accurate and the most I could get with a level scoop was 42 grams (first photo). That's 12 grams less than what the label reads. That means you're only getting around 19 grams of protein, instead of the 24 grams that's on the label. In order to get the full serving size of 54 grams, you're gonna have to use a heaping scoop as you can see in the second picture. This isn't the first time that Optimum Nutrition has included a scooper that was too small and didn't measure up. I've gotten similar results with some of their other powders. The simple solution would be to either include a bigger scooper that actually measures out to be 54 grams or include a smaller scooper that measures 27 grams and change the serving size to two scoops. In any event, this is not a deal breaker for me because I do like the way the product tastes and the fact that it mixes well, so with that said, I will continue to buy, but I had to remove a star because of the scooper. Hope this helps guys.

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