Best 2020 - Myprotein Impact Whey Protein Blend, Chocolate Smooth, 2.2 lbs (40 Servings)

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 Myprotein Impact Whey Protein Blend, Chocolate Smooth, 2.2 lbs (40 Servings). 

👍Contains undenatured whey protein for both quick and long-term absorption to effectively assist muscles in for pre and post workouts
👍MyProtein Impact Whey is great tasting and a high quality whey protein source

Myprotein whey protein powder This protein is just meh. It's a good price, but that's really just because each serving isn't very large and doesn't contain much protein compared to lots of other protein supps. The flavor is weak and sort of tastes like a hint of a hint of chocolate. And forget about mixing it with water because that just tastes like when you forget to rinse out a cup after drinking chocolate milk.

Best Myprotein Sport Nutrition With water it's actually one of the most bearable protein powders out there. It's great with milk, but what I like to do is add a little bit of cocoa powder and man this is one of the best wheys.

Myprotein Whey Protein Great customer service and great product! This product was reviewed by Labdoor, an independent company that tests supplements. Labdoor finds out whether products have what they claim and if they have any harmful ingredients or contaminants. Then, they grade and rank those products, write reports, and publish that information for free, so consumers can confidently buy the best supplements for their health. This protein was listed as the #1 Protein Supplement. I will definitely continue to order in the future!

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