Best 2020 - Muscle Milk Collegiate Protein Powder, Chocolate, 20g Protein, 5.29 Pound

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 Muscle Milk Collegiate Protein Powder, Chocolate, 20g Protein, 5.29 Pound. 

👍PLUS fortifies with protein, iron and Omega 3s for extra nutrition

Muscle Milk whey protein powder Recovering after Chemo & Radiation therapy from HPV16 Throat Cancer and dropped 88 lbs. This Muscle Milk Whey Protein added to my liquid nutritional supplements and juicing by GI Tube I was able to regain the lost weight and added good lean muscle back on my bones.

Best Muscle Milk Sport Nutrition I used to buy MusclePharm Protein Powder, so when I saw this Muscle Milk on sale on Amazon I decided to give it a try.I bought Cookie N Cream flavor, and it goes good with my green smoothies in the morning to cover the taste of veggies.I wish this powder had more protein and less calories, OR it should be called Meal Replacement Powder NOT Protein Powder...That's why 4 stars

Muscle Milk Whey Protein I should have done my research. I`m a huge fan of Muscle Milk. When I saw the price, I thought this was a great deal. After I got it home , I realized you need to use 4 scoops ,instead of 2 , to get the same amount of protein as Muscle Milk Lean. Not a great deal :( I will stick with Muscle Milk Lean.

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