Best 2020 - Labrada Carb Watchers Lean Body Vanilla Ice Cream 2.29oz packets (pack of 42)

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 Labrada Carb Watchers Lean Body Vanilla Ice Cream 2.29oz packets (pack of 42). 

πŸ‘40g of LeanProT proprietary blend of fast-release and slow-release proteins, to give you a sustained flow of vital amino acids. Amino acids support intracellular nitrogen retention levels for muscle growth and strength increases.
πŸ‘Over 8,000 mg of Glutamine & Glutamic Acid. Studies show that supplemental gluatamine can also prevent muscle breakdown.
πŸ‘It contains 50% fewer carbs than our original Lean Body MRPs, while still providing the daily protein and nutrients your body needs to stay strong and fit.

Labrada whey protein powder Labrada makes some of the better tasting and higher quality meal replacements, and this is no exception. I love that I essentially get a refund on this purchase in the form of sample credits.

Best Labrada Sport Nutrition Tatse great works well switched back to the tubs though since it's cheaper.

Labrada Whey Protein I tried Shakeology and immediately loved the meal replacement concept for lunch. What I hated was the price (and the MLM concept of Beachbody) so I visited a local health & nutritional supplement store. I told the nutritionist that I was specifically looking for meal-replacement and I don't really have any fitness goals, and he pointed me to this Labrada product. I originally tried the mixed pack of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate but I don't love the vanilla flavor and I've never been a huge fan of chocolate. For now, I'm sticking with strawberry only. I mix my strawberry packet with 8 oz of OJ and 4 oz of water in a blender bottle, and it tastes like a smoothie to me....I honestly have no problems with the taste of this powder. I love the convenience of the individual packets, which make it easy to bring it along when I'm traveling for work. I would definitely recommend for someone looking for meal replacement options.

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