Best 2020 - Hormone Free Grass Fed Chocolate Whey Protein Concentrate 5lb

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 Hormone Free Grass Fed Chocolate Whey Protein Concentrate 5lb. 

👍HIGH QUALITY WHEY CONCENTRATE: High in Immunoglobulin G (IgG) & L-Cystine.
👍LAB TESTED FOR PURITY: 3rd Party Tested and Approved

Muscle Feast whey protein powder Really love this protein powder. I've ordered this brand a few times now. I ordered the concentrate this time instead of the isolate thinking it was also lactose free. My fault, not Muscle Feast's, just didn't read the labels close enough. There is some lactose in the concentrate. I do get a little bit of stomach grumbles but not too bad. If you are lactose intolerant I would recommend the grass fed Whey Isolate.Very happy with this brand, and I will be ordering from them in the future. I love the consistency, it's clean, and it mixes well without clumps. I usually use a ninja blender to mix but I've used blender bottles for the gym and that works perfectly fine. I buy the unflavored because I like to mix with Almond milk, banana, blueberries and a dash of lactaid chocolate chip ice cream. Feast Muscles, Feast.

Best Muscle Feast Sport Nutrition Pros:-Taste is above average. (I personally like it with milk).-Mixes well in a shaker bottle.-At roughly $50, it's a decent price when you calculate the cost per gram of protein.Cons:-Does not seem to mix well with a fork or a spoon -- you pretty much need to have a shaker bottle.-You have to shell-out $50+ up front.

Muscle Feast Whey Protein So, to start this review off, i just want to say that ive ordered the MuscleFeast grass fed hormone free whey concentrate on a couple of occasions and it has always arrived atleast a day earlier than expected. Now, im usually not the type to write out a review, but i am driven to put my (non compensated) word in on it because of the satisfaction that not only the results from supplementing with this high quality, undenatured protein, but because of the unheard affordability of it, nobody else does it like MuscleFeast and definitely not at the same prices and thats what really sets them apart and puts them at the top of my supplements list, and i wanted to give the credit where its due. One thing that ive learned during my years of on and off bodybuilding, is that it can take a considerable time to find the protein product thats the right for you, and not only that, but a product thats even as close to par with the quality you get out of MuscleFeast as well as ingredients wise. One goes through a slew of products, time, and money just to get to that point. Well, thats another reason why im writing this, to save anybody out there that is still looking or hasnt yet made the switch to Muscle feast, their valuable time. Well, look no further, you have just stumbled upon the king of proteins. The diamond in the rough that is the supplements industry. We take a look at the ingredients, which are very minimal i might add, which is what we want, and we see the lack of excess and unnecessary fillers, junk, and artificial sweetners and other bullcrap that you would see in other inferior brands. Seriously, all it is is Stevia, cocoa, and sunflower lecithin, for enhanced solubility in your choice of milk or water (super rich and tasty and milk). Upon further inspection, we see the table of the typical amino acid profile of each serving, and per 100g, and the levels are consistent with what a superior protein profile looks lke. To go above and beyond, we also see that the neat and aesthetic packaging is completely void of hype, boasting, or bragging, claiming to be the best and above the other "competition", you know, the typical marketing fluff and promises, but instead MuscleFeast just delivers the proof and results of a top tier product, with the best tasting protein ive ever graced my palette and muscles with. That must be because the guys and gals over at MuscleFeast are aware of this, and one that is aware need not boast, it just delivers time and time again. So with that, to anybody still reading,go ahead and give this stuff a try for yourself and see where it gets you. I bet you wont be going back to whatever protein you were supplementing with before.

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