Best 2020 - Grass-Fed Whey Protein, Low Carb Keto Friendly Cold Processed Non-Denatured, Biologically Active, GMO-Free Protein Concentrate Made Directly from Grass-Fed Milk (1.32 Pound (600g) Natural/Unflavored)

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 Grass-Fed Whey Protein, Low Carb Keto Friendly Cold Processed Non-Denatured, Biologically Active, GMO-Free Protein Concentrate Made Directly from Grass-Fed Milk (1.32 Pound (600g) Natural/Unflavored). 

👍PREMIUM WHEY PROTEIN MADE FROM RAW MILK! Cows Grass-Fed Year-Round from in South Australia. The Milk used for Wild Whey is GMO-Free, Hormone-Treatment-Free, pesticide and chemical-free, No Added Sugar, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free and undergoes the absolute minimal processing.
👍GENTLE PASTEURIZATION WITH IMMEDIATE AIR-COOLING! Wild Whey is made Using Single Pasteurization and Dried With Ambient Air Temperature. This Preserves The Delicate Proteins and Biologically-Active Properties of The Whey.
👍BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE and PURE! The biologically active components that are prevalent in Wild Whey are what lack in conventional whey. This is why these “dead” proteins taste like chalk… because they pretty much are! Wild Whey is never subject to irradiation, micro-filtration, hydrolyzation, ion-exchange or acid-treatment.

Wild Foods whey protein powder I have been meticulously researching to find a good whey protein powder and this one fit all my criteria perfectly, but unfortunately I don't like the way it tastes or how it does not blend easily at all. The taste is off to me, like bitter metal or something? I have tried it with my usual water or unsweetened sprouted almond milk and it tastes horrible with both. If that isn't frustrating enough, it does not blend well at all. I have tried a shaker bottle, milk frother and Vitamix blender and none of them can prevent the major clumping that occurs. Huge waste of money as I am going to have to throw it out - would not recommend =\

Best Wild Foods Sport Nutrition Picture on top is misleading, it says that the product contains 30 servings but I just received my bag of the product and when I looked under the supplement facts it says servings per container is 15. Feel mislead. Disappointed.

Wild Foods Whey Protein When buying whey, there are 2 important things to look for: (1) It comes from animals that are pasture-raised, and (2) it is non-denatured. With the many brands of whey protein powder for sale, very few fulfill these two criteria. Most of them are garbage in terms of quality. After a lot of research and price comparison, I decided to go with Wild Whey, and I'm really satisfied with it.There has been some limited use of non-denatured whey in patients with CFS/ME, since it is a precursor for glutathione production. I already get noticeable (though temporary) improvements with liposomal glutathione, and I wanted to see if I could get similar good effects with whey. If you are taking whey for the purpose of glutathione production, it's best to take it on an empty stomach, if possible. I did get some noticeable improvement with this whey, which tells me that it is actually non-denatured and effective. Eventually, over time I stopped seeing the same benefits (which is something that is common for me with almost every treatment, and does not reflect on this product at all).Whether you are looking to use this product to boost glutathione production, or you just want to add a very high quality protein supplement to your diet, I highly recommend this brand. I'm really impressed with their commitment to quality. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. And if you found this helpful, consider leaving me feedback, I really appreciate it!

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