Best 2020 - Energizing Soy Protein, Natural Vanilla 1.14 LB

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 Energizing Soy Protein, Natural Vanilla 1.14 LB. 

👍Energizing non GMO Soy Protein by Shaklee

Shaklee whey protein powder Great product. I mix with half milk and half water and ice. Wounds are healed within one or two days. Fingernails grow quickly. And hair!

Best Shaklee Sport Nutrition Daily regiment of supplements!

Shaklee Whey Protein i have purchase directly from a rep of Shaklee and love it and had great taste, so i thought since i was purchasing some other stuff from Amazon i thought i buy this but this one i brought here did not taste nothing like it was bland no taste, and didn't say energizing soy protein it had ESP though the labeling was the same as other, not sure if this one sat on the shelf long or was difference, but i wouldn't recommend buying this..

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