Best 2020 - Bodylogix Natural Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powder, NSF Certified, Decadent Chocolate, 1.6 Pound

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 Bodylogix Natural Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powder, NSF Certified, Decadent Chocolate, 1.6 Pound. 

👍Provides 24g of complete protein per serving, sourced from grass-fed cows.
👍Contains no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, is gluten free, non-GMO and produced in a peanut free facility.
👍100% of the protein is from whey and nothing else.

Bodylogix whey protein powder I've been taking various whey protein powders for over 15 yrs now. I've used most of the major brands for whey protein: Optimum (used Gold Standard and also the Natural Whey), EAS, BSN, Designer Protein, Muscle Milk, Twin Lab, Isopure and a few others. This is the best natural/organic whey protein I've used. No frills ingredients and pricing is great on Amazon. If I had to rank a number 2 protein out of everything that I've tried, I'd definitely go with Optimum. I also mix this protein (using a Blender Bottler hand shaker) with Amazing Grass Chocolate powder and Amazing Grass Green SuperFood Alkalize & Detox powder to get my servings of greens and other good stuff. Its my one stop shop healthy breakfast and post workout drink since I work out in the morning. I emailed the company what the difference is between their Natural Whey Concentrate vs. Natural Whey Isolate as well as what the amino acid composition (in the Natural Whey Concentrate; not sure what the composition is in the Isolate but couldn't imagine a material difference) was in the and their explanation is below. I believe another post/review had similar findings on the amino acid composition."The concentrates are more affordable per gram and it is the most common selling whey that we have. However, the isolates are almost completely fat free, have reduced lactose levels, and generally contain 90% protein as opposed to 80% in most concentrates. Since the isolate has reduced amounts of fat, the consistency when mixed is quite thin in comparison."Alanine 1440Arginine 520Aspartic Acid 2960Cystine 640Glutamine & Precursors 4750Glycine 200Histidine 470Isoleucine 1570Leucine 2475Lysine 2030Methionine 650Phenylalanine 815Proline 1300Serine 1200Threonine 1375Trytophan 360Tyrosine 770Valine 1475

Best Bodylogix Sport Nutrition False advertising. Very angry about this. Purchased for my mother in law, who is on a strict diet and cannot have conventional soy for health reasons. I bought this because it CLEARLY states on the photos shown "Non-gmo IP soy lecithin", and again on the back "NO GMOs". However, the one she received is missing these two descriptors. Nowhere does it say "non-gmo", but it does say "contains soy". That means the source of soy is likely to be contaminated with GMOs. Again, false advertising.

Bodylogix Whey Protein Okay, I’m a 22 year old female. I focus on lifting and try to build muscle. I’ve tried several different protein powders and they’ve all given me side effects and outweighed the use of it. One gave me really bad acne, another one made me put on a lot of weight, another one made me hungry alllll the time. I can confidently say that FOR ME, this has been the best one yet. The flavor is amazing, I can use water and it’ll taste great. It keeps me full and doesn’t add any extra unwanted weight. Really happy with this product. I bought it September of 2018 and I JUST finished it so it really lasted me a while. I was doing single scoops though, and I didn’t start using it daily up until about 2 months ago. Great product!

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