Best 2020 - Antler Farms - 100% Grass Fed New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate, Vanilla Flavor, 30 Servings, 2 lbs - Delicious, Cold Processed, Rapidly Absorbed, Keto Friendly, Pure and Clean rBGH Free, No Sugar

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 Antler Farms - 100% Grass Fed New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate, Vanilla Flavor, 30 Servings, 2 lbs - Delicious, Cold Processed, Rapidly Absorbed, Keto Friendly, Pure and Clean rBGH Free, No Sugar. 

👍100% GRASS FED - Antler Farms Whey Protein Isolate comes from naturally robust and healthy, grass fed cows. Our cows are raised in the beautiful Canterbury Plains of New Zealand where they feed on green pasture year round. Our cows live outdoors, where they should be. They are never confined to crowded, dirty feed lots.
👍PRODUCT OF NEW ZEALAND - New Zealand is the most advanced dairy producer in the world, operating under strict guidelines for the husbandry and general care of livestock. The use of rBGH and rBST are completely banned in New Zealand. You can literally taste the difference!
👍PURE, CLEAN PROTEIN - Our whey protein isolate is a light, ultra clean protein powder. There are absolutely no fillers, artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. Gluten free, soy free, sugar free and screened for biological impurities.

Antler Farms whey protein powder Being paleo for the past 4 years, I'd written protein powder off long ago due to my negative auto-immune response issues & the fact that protein powders ALL made my stomach gurgly/bloaty with varying "standard" ingredients. At the recco of a friend, I ordered this for both my husband & I. So far, this is the ONLY protein powder that my stomach accepts without any complaints. I only use a fraction of what my husband does, but we both agree that this will be on the reorder list, thank you!!! -Two very happy paleo customers

Best Antler Farms Sport Nutrition I have had this for a couple of weeks now and I use it every day. It has no smell and no taste and blends in perfectly to whatever I add it. I can even blend it in with my frother. Others I have used have almost smelled like soured milk so this was a pleasant surprise. It has not bothered my digestion, which is very sensitive. I am thankful to have found it.

Antler Farms Whey Protein I am an active person. I practice mixed martial arts, marathon running, and weightlifting. Thus, I have to keep a steady protein intake so I can fuel my muscles and recover. Eating protein from real food is always the best, but that has its own challenges as I also want to keep calories and carbs moderate to avoid weight gain which is not easy to do at my age.I have been using protein powders on and off for more than 20 years. In my youth, I drank whatever product was most affordable. But nowadays, I am a lot more aware of what I put into my body and don't mind paying more for quality. Most protein powders on the market have tons of junk in them. When I take a look at the labels, I wonder why all of those ingredients are even needed. Even so called "healthy" brands and popular brands have artificial ingredients, chemicals and fillers.My latest protein was Jay Robb's. It is very similar to Antler Farms' from a taste and ingredient perspective (more on this later). I was quite happy using Jay Robb's for many months until someone pointed out that Jay Robb's label has a disclaimer that actually states that they use rGBH whey protein in conjunction with rGBH-free whey protein. Yet they advertise being a hormone free whey protein. Very tricky and deceptive marketing that totally turned me off to Jay Robb, and turned me on to Antler Farms.Antler Farms only has four simple ingredients. First, there is 100% grass fed New Zealand whey protein isolate. The fact that it comes from New Zealand is not just a marketing pitch. I have been to New Zealand (beautiful country!) and learned first hand that their farming is very clean and quite frankly far better than anything in the USA. Growth hormones like rBGH and rBST are not allowed. Neither are antibiotics or GMOs. The livestock are raised on real land and eat grass not corn. It makes sense that a healthy, natural cow is going to produce better milk. Plus, I know I won't be consuming any trace chemicals. This is the biggest selling point for me - a clean, quality protein source.The next two ingredients are vanilla and stevia leaf extract. It is a light flavor and it's spot on for my palate. I really, really like the taste. The last ingredient is sunflower lecithin. From my understanding, this improves the mixability. Without this, you would not be able to stir it into water. Some products use soy lecithin to accomplish this. But as a man who is somewhat concerned about ingesting soy due to its effect on estrogen, I'm glad they used sunflower. Lecithin is a fatty substance that comes from dehydrating a sunflower seed. Some people even take lecithin as a dietary supplement because the fatty acids are helpful to the brain.One thing people should know is that this protein powder does not have any gumming ingredient so it is more watery than standard drinks. (Jay Robb's uses xantham gum.) I prefer it this way because it feels very light and goes down easy. Being an isolate, there is no fat or lactose to disrupt my digestion, and it absorbs fast.This product comes in a 2 lb. bag. The seal is interesting in that its not a typical ziplock but more like minitaure plastic hooks (think velcro). This makes it easy to close because you don't have to line up the sides to do it. Just press together to close. There are 30 servings per bag. Each serving has 26g of protein, 7g BCAA, 1g fat, 116 calories, 2g carbs and 0.3 sugars.Overall, it is a great product and I would encourage everyone to try it out for themselves, especially if you aren't completely happy with the way your current protein is made.

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