Best 2020 - Alter + WHEY | Premium Ultra Clean Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate (1 Lb)

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 Alter + WHEY | Premium Ultra Clean Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate (1 Lb). 

👍ALTER+RATIONS | Ultra-clean, professional-grade, hypoallergenic nutrition for natural fitness, health and longevity. Developed over 20 years with top athletes, coaches, physicians and medical researchers.
👍FUNCTION | Recovery & Fitness. Maximum natural potency to nourish muscle, metabolism, antioxidation, anti-inflammation and immunity.
👍USAGE | Mixes instantly by hand into liquids. Makes deliciously creamy, shakes, smoothies, coffee, tea, sauces, desserts, baked goods and more.

ALTER ALTER RATIONS whey protein powder Finally, a perfect product.I have been drinking protein shakes for a few years now and I have never been able to keep using the same product. Whether it's taste, consistency, side effects such as bloating and cramps, I have tried way so many brands, but this product is a winner.Taste: mild milk like flavor, no strong bitter taste of hydrolyzed whey, no taste of artificial sweeteners.Consistency: completely dissolves within seconds, better mixability than all non whey protein powders.Side effects: no bloating, no gasPrice: a little more expensive than other brands with around 80c per gram of protein. But you get what you pay for.Highly recommended, will buy again.

Best ALTER ALTER RATIONS Sport Nutrition I'm a doctor of dental surgery in my early sixties. My wife and I are super active. She's a doctor of physical therapy, rower, and runner. I’m an avid golfer and fitness enthusiast who's currently learning to box. I also work out with a trainer a few times a week to improve my weight lifting and conditioning. Since childhood, I've suffered from frustratingly low energy levels and couldn't build muscle mass. On top of that, despite being very thin, I was shocked when I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. But, it motivated me to improve my diet and exercise regime. I began in earnest to research nutrition and experiment with my diet.Over the last year, I adopted a Paleo and then Ketogenic diet to decrease my insulin production. I also started taking Alter+Whey and Alter+Collagen and noticed a HUGE difference. I'm no longer pre-diabetic. I'm much stronger and recover much faster from my workouts, even though I'm working out harder than ever. And, my wife says, "She loves watching me grow younger before her eyes." I have more energy than 20 years ago when we got married.I’ve been taking Alter+Whey and Alter+Collagen for a few months, alternating them to get a full spectrum of proteins for building and protecting my body. I drink a Whey protein shake (with almond milk and some juice) immediately after my rigorous 60-minute strength workouts. It definitely improves my muscular strength and overall recovery. I chose Alter+Whey for its exceptional natural purity and quality. It mixes instantly and tastes great in my shakes and never causes digestive stress. The folks at Alter-Rations are great. I've communicated with them directly and have been impressed by their knowledge and expertise working with athletes and healthcare practitioners.

ALTER ALTER RATIONS Whey Protein I have been researching in skeletal muscle regenerative and rejuvenate biology for more than 15 years. As director of a research team focused on stem cell and regenerative medicine at Stanford University Medical School and the VA Hospital in Palo Alto, and as a international instructor of martial arts, I must say that this product is certainly superior to similar products we tested before, in my opinion way above the average whey protein. The quality is incredibly high, and you can tell immediately as you add it to any liquid (milk, water, juice) it dissolves immediately, effortless. The taste is really good, natural, without any "synthetic" background that often result from Whey protein products. In terms of performance, my recovery time after intense training shows highly improved results compared to many other products I tried so far. Muscle sourness is strongly reduced or completely avoided in the following 24-48 hours post workout. Moreover, muscle mass/gain rate increased over the course of two months that I am used it (and will continue). Interestingly, these are results I never achieved with other similar whey protein supplements. I strongly advice to use this product, it is really "ultra pure" and add quality to your nutritional plan.

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