Best 2020 - ALR Industries Humapro, Protein Matrix Formulated for Humans, Waste Less. Gain Lean Muscle, Exotic Peach Mango - 667 grams(23.52 oz)

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 ALR Industries Humapro, Protein Matrix Formulated for Humans, Waste Less. Gain Lean Muscle, Exotic Peach Mango - 667 grams(23.52 oz). 

👍100% Absorbed & 99% Utilized by the Human Body
👍Optimal Amino Acid ratio for human absorption
👍Outperforms whey protein lean mass gains by 501%

ALR Industries whey protein powder I am vegan, due to some GI surgeries I have had. I can’t process animal proteins properly. I also have extremely limited dairy intake due to my body not being able to digest it. Eggs are also a no go for me. I have literally tried every protein powder on the market. From organic to non-organic. And everything in between. This I have been taking for over a year now. It helps with the nutrition I need that I can’t get from other places. So it helps with maintaining weight, hair growth, nail growth etc. I take 4-5 pills 3 times a day. I can’t live without it. Before my hair was really brittle from not eating meat. But literally I can’t eat animal products or it sends me straight to the ER. So greatful this product exists. They are large pills. So it’s something you have to get used to taking consistently and maintain it. But once on a routine it is a miracle for protein intake. I do not have any side affects. Although 4-5 pills does expand in your stomach and makes you not Hungary. I wouldn’t suggest living off of just this as a meal: you need to still incorporate other foods like greens etc. you just may not be able to eat it at the same time as the protein pills. Don’t forget to get all the nutrients you need.

Best ALR Industries Sport Nutrition I use this regularly before and after my workouts. I don't use the powder brands anymore and still see gains in strength and endurance. As with many protein products, the air my body releases after taking this for a couple of days straight, becomes much more potent and horrifying for all around me. As a workout supplement though, it is top notch.

ALR Industries Whey Protein Amazing product. Anyone knocking it or stubbornly sticking to other forms of protein intake should stop for a moment and ask themselves why they would want to waste more money and cause extra stress and potential damage to their organs due to their weariness of tablets. Do the shakes really taste that good to you? You're really not sick of the same old chocolate bar mash-up flavors yet? Regardless, so much of that protein gets wasted and expelled. It's not going to the places where your body can use it, most of it is quickly on it's way to being processed for immediate removal. I'm not big on reviews or helping promote someone else's product for them but our family has been using Humapro for about half a year now and it's been a genuine life-changer. I happen to suffer from chronic kidney disease so the shakes just had to go. I couldn't handle them anymore. I wasn't about to give up my intense workouts, and I certainly wasn't going to do them without fuel for good results, so this seemed the best option at the time. It still is! I'm not going to rant about the gains and energy increase (although I could), but I will say that anyone in my life that I've introduced to these tabs has converted with no regrets. Honestly, the only real drawback is their size, which you get used to in no time. Lol, I know someone who was reluctant to take just one initially, and now a couple months later he downs a handful of eleven tablets at once post-workout with no issues. Not recommending that, but just an example. Anyway, you owe it to your body to find out what works best. Read up and don't be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone. Good luck!

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