Best 2020 - ALLMAX Nutrition Isonatural Whey Protein Isolate, Vanilla, 2 lbs

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 ALLMAX Nutrition Isonatural Whey Protein Isolate, Vanilla, 2 lbs. 

👍NATURAL GOODNESS: ISONATURAL is the ideal protein supplement for those looking for a natural option in protein powders. Utilizes pure Whey Protein Isolate derived from wholesome milk with all-natural flavors.
👍NATURALLY SWEET: Free of artificial sweeteners aspartame, sucralose and Ace K, ISONATURAL uses only pure Stevia 98% extract.
👍4 DELICIOUS FLAVORS: ISONATURAL is a pure and natural whey protein, available in Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Vanilla and Pineapple Coconut plus Unflavored.

ALLMAX Nutrition whey protein powder I like this protein a lot. I was looking for something natural without all the additives. This is the one. Nothing but Whey protein. I have read some reviews about people complaining about the taste. I would agree that it does not taste great compared to the "natural flavors" but I got used to it quickly and it does not bother me anymore.If you are looking for a natural protein without all the BS than this is it. Flavor is just another ingredient that you don't need.

Best ALLMAX Nutrition Sport Nutrition I needed something without sweeteners OR sugar OR any sort of flavor and this hit the mark. I use it every morning with either my oatmeal, porridge or a smoothie. It BARELY has any flavoring so whatever you add it to, is hardly effected by the flavor. My usual combo is half a frozen banana, a handful of frozen mixed fruit, a scoop of IsoNatural unflavored whey, a scoop of Great Lakes Collagen and some water. The fruit has enough sweetness to it so it really doesn't need any additional sugar. It's a great, filling breakfast or summertime snack.

ALLMAX Nutrition Whey Protein So disappointed! Been ordering IsoNatural Unflavored for a few months. The new packaging with the new scoop under the lid, better grip on the lid, COMPLETELY soy it & feel good using it. Ordered again April 2, 2018 & it arrived in the old packaging & expires July of 2018!!! This is NOT soy free & has the SHORTEST shelf life! Allmax changed their packaging & formula a long time ago, like several years! With all the 5lb containers being sold why is this one still sitting around?!?! I am not sure I can use this product...I have a VERY strict macro nutrient ratio I need to follow & this throws off that balance with the different formulation. It is not even the same formula of whey protein. So very disappointed in the vendor. Hoping the vendor can exchange before I run out of my current. (In the picture: What just arrived April 2, 2018 is on the left my almost depleted source that arrived March 6, 2018 is on the right)April 21st update: Emailed the seller immediately about getting this obvious old product replaced & never heard back from the vendor. No choice but to use, and have been suffering the few weeks for it. I am entering my next purchase with trepidation. Bummer that this is the only true 0/0/0 whey protein on the market or else I would venture elsewhere for a few months until I'm sure there is no more of the previous formula on the market.Update: Aug 2019Now 4 stars.Just over a year of sticking with this company & have not had the old label show up again. I have been enjoying a spectacular product that has the fewest impurities on the market, that I can find. Still struggle with delivery to happen on guaranteed delivery day, otherwise glad I stuck by them & kept ordering.As the other comment says, it mixes super easy, no chunks with no perceived flavor (maybe a barely there milk flavor) so you can add anything to it & not have a weird altered flavor to your expected taste.

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