Best 2020 - AGN Roots Grassfed Whey Protein | Certified Brand List ASPCA | Certified Entire Life On Pasture Grass Fed | Unflavored | Informed Choice & Sport | Sustainably Farmed | Certified by A Greener World

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 AGN Roots Grassfed Whey Protein | Certified Brand List ASPCA | Certified Entire Life On Pasture Grass Fed | Unflavored | Informed Choice & Sport | Sustainably Farmed | Certified by A Greener World. 

👍Certified Grassfed Whey – AGN Roots is the Only Truly Grassfed Whey Certified with Informed-Sport & Informed-Choice. Our farms are Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World & ASPCA Certified Brand List - The only pasture based certification that guarantees the animal's entire life on pasture. We do one thing, and do it well, provide Truly Grassfed Whey with the assurances to back it up!
👍A Greener World Certified – AGN Roots Grassfed Whey is sourced exclusively from Animal Welfare Approved Farms Certified by A Greener World. This is the gold standard and progressive farming; rest assured you are not supporting the CAFOs marketed as “grassfed”. AGN Roots Grassfed Whey is the only Whey on the ASPCA's Shop with Your Heart Certified brand list!
👍Concentrated Nutrition – AGN Roots Grassfed Whey contains less than .5 % Non-GMO sunflower seed derived lecithin to ensure you don’t need a blender. AGN Roots Grassfed Whey is 100% natural.

American GAINZ Nutrition whey protein powder This is the best protein powder I have ever purchased and I will continue to do so.What I love about this product:You get a lot for the price, the flavor is non-existent (which is good for unflavored, it blends well, doesn't upset my stomach at all.The only critique I have to offer, is that the zip-loc feature of the bag doesn't really work. I fixed this issue by simply rolling down the bag and clipping it between uses. Not really a big deal since there is a simple solution.If you are on the fence about buying it, I would definitely give it a try.

Best American GAINZ Nutrition Sport Nutrition Mixes Great - Best Grass Fed ProteinI love the ingredient list. It's just made with two things: grass-fed whey protein isolate and non-gmo sunflower lecithin and soy free! Unlike other whey I've tried, this mixes very well in a shaker bottle. I like that I can make it taste exactly the way I like it and it goes with fruit flavors as well as great milk or yogurt. It’s also the only grass-fed whey on Amazon I could find with transparent sourcing. Love it.

American GAINZ Nutrition Whey Protein I bought this at the recommendation of a friend who loves the other AGN protein for bodybuilders/serious fitness people. This new whey powder they came out with is apparently for people who just really need more protein in their diet and want good, non-GMO stuff.... I fall into that category as a middle aged female and have been trying to do this by putting it in my smoothies. But I didn't like the kind I was buying because it made everything taste weird and it was really gritty no matter how much I blended it.Well, I have to say that this product is honestly amazing. 1) there is absolutely NO flavor whatsoever; 2) there is absolutely NO grit whatsoever (they say you can stir it into coffee and not notice it, I have yet to try that but I'm inclined to believe it given how it has completely and totally disappeared into my morning smoothies); 3) it's so fine and powdery that it fluffs up the drink into a milkshake consistency even though I'm just using water - fair warning, if you are used to putting a certain amount of fruit/veg/nuts/water in your blender or nutrabullet, you better leave plenty more room in it with this because it will SERIOUSLY fluff it up.Also, this 3 lb bag I got is HUGE. It says on the package that a serving is two scoops which they say is 47 servings, but since I only use one scoop a day, this ginormous bag is going to last me three months. So while it is not cheap to buy, that only comes out to about 50 cents a day for what is the best protein powder I've tried. The fact that this is from grass-fed cows in Ireland and certified as animal welfare approved, (open pasture, ethical farming) makes me think it's actually a great bargain.I can highly recommend this to anyone, it's truly fantastic.AGN Roots, I'm officially done avoiding that scoop of protein in the morning! Thank you!!!

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