Best 2020 - Tera's Whey Organic Protein, Bourbon Vanilla,12 Ounce

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 Tera's Whey Organic Protein, Bourbon Vanilla,12 Ounce. 

👍Our organic, grass fed whey protein is blended with organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla for a perfect combination of great taste and pure health
👍Our certified USDA Organic whey protein is locally sourced from small family farms in Wisconsin, the dairy heartland of America
👍Our protein powder is made with simple, clean ingredients and is low carb and low glycemic

teraswhey whey protein powder Excellent Organic Protein Powder without regular sugar. Yummy chocolate flavor. You can put a whole salad worth of spinach in a blender with unsweetened almond or pea milk, a banana and fresh ground organic peanut butter for a filling and delicious shake. Great after working out or as a meal replacement sometimes. I still need organic animal protein in my diet daily.Note: Certain sellers on here have tried to send me the non-organic version and tried to say they changed the packaging. 😐. I called Amazon and promptly got a refund. Other sellers send me exactly what I ordered and it’s much cheaper than Whole F**ds so worth it to order on here.Unfortunately they do not always send the correct item. Just happened again and I ordered 5. It was shipped from two different sellers and both sent the non-Organic version. 😕

Best teraswhey Sport Nutrition Best tasting Unflavored Whey Protein I've tried! You pretty much can't taste it at all! My first purchase was from a Whole Foods Market; from whom I have a great deal of trust in when it comes to natural, good-for-you foods. I was thrilled to find it here at Amazon!! I trust the brand and love that it's organic and natural. I've already purchased two more cans. A little tip...... If you want to kick up the protein in your milk, whether for just drinking or eating with cereal; it makes the milk taste creamier without an added actual "taste"......... If that makes sense :)

teraswhey Whey Protein This is not authentic Tera's Whey. The product is the wrong color and is clumpy (appears like excessive moisture is in the product) and the taste is not correct. I don't know if it is expired/old product or simply counterfeit product - but this is not the high quality whey protein I have purchased directly from the manufacturer in the past. On top of the product quality issues inside of the can - the label on the can itself was attached with a piece of clear packaging tape and the original UPC code was covered by a sticker. I purchased both the vanilla and the chocolate flavored versions and both products have the same issues with product quality inside of the can. I will not purchase this again from this supplier or from Amazon.

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