Best 2020 - Protein Pancake Mix by Phoros Nutrition, High Protein Low Carb, 12oz (Original)

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 Protein Pancake Mix by Phoros Nutrition, High Protein Low Carb, 12oz (Original). 

👍Perfect Breakfast: Imagine digging into delicious fluffy pancakes every morning and getting all the nutrients your body craves!
👍Preparation is Effortless: Just add water to make these delicious healthy pancakes in minutes or less.
👍Feel Powerful and Alive: Imagine starting your morning with our award winning formula of vital nutrients to have the energy to conquer your life’s most pressing tasks.

Phoros Nutrition whey protein powder The price is a hard pill to swallow at first...I definitely struggled with pulling the trigger, knowing there was a large chance I wouldn’t like them (I’m sensitive to artificial flavoring/sweetener); I don’t like most “diet” friendly foods. And, my first round was probably not something I was ready to write home about—but it was probably more the sugar free syrup than anything (cutting down on carbs ain’t easy). Fast forward a few weeks, and my bag is empty and they are sold out! I ordered the buttermilk as a backup and I’m just as pleased! I follow the serving size for mix, but eyeball the water amount and it always turns out great. It’s a quick and easy meal—topped with some I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, and I’m a happy camper. Still struggle with the price, but know I’ve paid more in the past for crappy lattes, so I’ll find a way to make it work 🙌🏼

Best Phoros Nutrition Sport Nutrition One day I noticed my clothes were fitting tightly. I stepped on the scale and screamed. No WAY am I buying new clothes. Enter: a strict diet and exercise journey. These pancakes helped me lose 10lbs and counting. I make them as 2 servings of mini waffles and pop them in the fridge for a 100cal snack, with tons of protein. They taste exactly like “normal” pancakes to me with amazing macros. After a 13mi spartan race I took down a big stack with lite syrup and berries. It makes you feel like you’re cheating but you’re not. Thank you Phoros. I would buy in bulk if I could!

Phoros Nutrition Whey Protein Shhh...don't tell anyone about these pancakes or they'll raise the price again! These are terrible, disgusting pancakes that taste like cardboard! Do yourself a favor and throw some whey protein on a griddle with an egg or 3, it's cheaper!But seriously...Usually when you buy high protein variations of regular food you are sacrificing flavor. Not in this case. I dare say I like these pancakes as much or better than "normal" pancakes. I've added fruit, berries, etc. and my favorite combination was maple bacon and mango chunks. Topped with a low carb syrup (I use choczero maple syrup) and it makes for a tasty, feel good breakfast that will help you hit your macros.

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