Best 2020 - Performix ioWHEY Protein, 100% Whey Isolate Protein, Quick Absorption, 30g Protein, Low Carb, No Sugar (28 Servings, Fruity Cereal)

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 Performix ioWHEY Protein, 100% Whey Isolate Protein, Quick Absorption, 30g Protein, Low Carb, No Sugar (28 Servings, Fruity Cereal). 

👍36% INCREASED PROTEIN ABSORPTION - The improved bioavailability of the the ioProtein sourced for PERFORMIX ioWHEY PROTEIN allows you to see the same benfits from a 22g serving as you would from 30g of Standard WPI*- proving that when it comes to this game-changer, less is more.
👍REDUCED STOMACH DISCOMFORT - Protein has always come with the stigma of poor digestibility. With ioProtein, consumers experienced 46% improvement in stomach issues post-consumption vs. Standard WPI.^ PERFORMIX ioWHEY PROTEIN makes the concept of "protein bloating" a thing of the past.
👍WHEN YOU BUY PERFORMIX, YOU SUPPORT THE FITOPS FOUNDATION. The FitOps Foundation is the purpose that fuels PERFORMIX. The transition for armed forces members from service into civilian life can sometimes come with a loss purpose and accountability.

PERFORMIX whey protein powder I have been buying Performix for years now - I started with the Performix Iridium, then when that was discontinued I switched to the ProWhey which I loves just as much! It never upset my stomach, I saw results, the flavor was AWESOME! I tried to find the chocolate ProWhey formula both here and on their site to no avail. So, figuring that the others I have had have never disappointed, I ordered this one. The flavor is like bad chalk proteins that I avoid! I’m so disappointed, even more so that I made the mistake of not trying it before I put it into my protein jar and got rid of the bin or else I would have returned it and requested a refund. I never request refunds for things - other than clothing - unless it truly doesn’t match what was described or is this disappointing.

Best PERFORMIX Sport Nutrition By far the best whey.I’ve been doing Quest for many years and love it BUT once I tried the Performix, I totally got stuck on it. Awesome flavor and consistency. Macros are amazing.It’s $10 more expensive then Quest Whey but worth every penny.

PERFORMIX Whey Protein I will tell you one thing, this does not taste anywhere near fruity pebbles or anything fruity, or cereal milk for that matter. The best way to describe the smell and taste, is freeze dried ice cream sandwiches. This is compared to other mixed protein drinks better in regards to no chemical taste, but I am beginning to wonder if I got vanilla in the fruity tube, because I don’t taste any fruity flavor whatsoever. It’s super super sweet and I’m a sweet tooth kind of guy, and honestly NOW I KNOW WHAT IT TASTES LIKE! FRENCH VANILLA COFFEE MATE. This is just yuck. Stomach ache afterwards, you betcha. I used whole Milk and it was just to much. Then I tried water and it was way worse. I can not recommend this, although it is better in regards to other products that leave that chemical taste in your mouth, this is just way to sweet and tastes like I stated a freeze dried ice cream sandwich with French vanilla coffee mate. They should have named it that cause no way do I get a fruity flavor. Would return it just for that.

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