Best 2020 - Designer Whey Protein Meal Powder, Vanilla Bean, 1.72 Pound, Non GMO

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 Designer Whey Protein Meal Powder, Vanilla Bean, 1.72 Pound, Non GMO. 

👍Contains 1 - 1.72 Pound Canister of Designer Whey Protein Meal Powder by Designer Protein, Vanilla Bean Flavor
👍25g of 100% whey protein per serving with all the essential amino acids
👍No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Sweeteners, No Artificial Colors, No Preservatives

Designer Protein whey protein powder With a blender and mixed with fat free milk taste and mouth feel is very good, it has a nice creamy texture and a solid vanilla flavor. It has a bit of an aftertaste from the stevia used a sweetener. With water and using a spoon it mixed fine (no lumps) was more watery (obviously) and taste was still good, but after taste from the stevia was stronger.At the time of purchase the vanilla was only $12 for 1.72LB and less with prime scheduled delivery.Bottom line for me with a blender and milk, which is really the only way I drink protein shakes, taste A, texture A+, quality A, price A+

Best Designer Protein Sport Nutrition I'm not big on eating right when I wake up but I also can't eat at work so I would bring these with me to work and drink them throughout the morning. They did fill me up and hold me over until lunch but the I'm just really not a fan of the flavor. I found it to be bitter. I've tried other vanilla flavors by this brand that I prefer more. Also it calls for TWO rather large scoops of powder per 8oz drink which I was unaware of when I purchased it. This caused it to be fairly grainy and a bunch of gritty stuff would settle to the bottom. This also barely lasted 2 weeks despite how large the container looks.

Designer Protein Whey Protein I throw a banana in with different seeds (hemp and chia) or yogurt or plain. Taste is better with my mix but still tastes fine alone, and still this keeps calories down, banana is only 100 calories. I've never found it gritty, you just need to use the recommended amount of water. I am so thankful for these, lost weight quickly and have remained on them since and retain as winter I am sedentary for the most part, first winter I have not gained the 5 pounds! It also saves an insane amount of money on food while keeping to your daily recommended dietary intake.

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