Best 2020 - BulkSupplements Clean Whey Protein Powder (1 Kilogram)

Best Whey Protein Powder 2020 BulkSupplements Clean Whey Protein Powder (1 Kilogram). 

👍Clean & pure powder. No fillers or preservatives.
👍Lab tested for verification & guaranteed purity
👍Whey protein powder concentrate 80%

BulkSupplements whey protein powder I'm on a journey--striving to go from very unfit to super-fit (reach for the stars, right)? I've chosen to try keto and weightlifting as my primary tools for this journey. A lot of keto food preparation calls for whey powder (one of my favorite bread recipe uses it). It can be difficult to find unflavored whey powder in brick-and-mortar stores, and so it's great to find the BulkSupplements version easily available, online, for such a reasonable price. Believe me, I did hours of research and comparison shopping before I bought this. It works well in my keto recipes and it doesn't have a distinctive aroma or taste as some whey powders do. You get an enormous bag for the price! I highly recommend this product! I also believe in the integrity of this company. You know how you just trust some brands more than others? This is one of those brands.

Best BulkSupplements Sport Nutrition I bought this over the flavored protein powders because I wanted more versatility with my protein consumption. Not everything can taste like chocolate.I incorporate a spoonful or two of this into my multigrain porridge to start my day. It makes it a little creamy and the nuttiness of the grains help mask the flavor of the powder. I don't necessarily enjoy the flavor of this, but it can work well with others. I recently put this into a pina colada inspired shake and it made the drink super creamy and thick. In the past, I used it to make fruit smoothies but I found that it took much fruit to mask the protein flavor, especially since the flavors are not complementary.However, since it is essentially unflavored, I like to mix it into miscellaneous meals on days I haven't been able to take in a lot of protein. I don't use it to bulk, just enough to supplement an already balanced diet to accommodate the healing process after lifting.

BulkSupplements Whey Protein Love that there is no taste to this protein powder, so you can literally create whatever flavor you want! I don't like having to sip on shakes for meals or snacks, so I use this to make protein bars! The neutral flavor means I can make sweet or savory bars and I make creative flavors every time! Here's a recipe if you want to try them...For my bars, I use:~ 3 to 4 tbls Vitafiber Syrup (VitaFiber IMO Syrup, 2.64 lb., 28.4 fl. oz.)~ Sometimes I add a 1/2 tsp of flavors (Lorann Oils Bakery Emulsion Bundle, Red Velvet Princess Cake Cream Cheese Pumpkin, 4 Fluid Ounce) or even flavored water concentrates! (For savory options, try a scoop of Marmite, curry paste, bullion cube, etc.)Then I microwave this liquid for 2 minutes on power level 4While heating the syrup, I mix:~ 5 tbls of BulkSupplements CLEAN Whey Protein Powder *this product* if I am adding flavor or just choose a flavored protein you like~ 1 tbls coconut flour~ A few "chunks" of something yummy (For Sweet, this could be butter cookies, yogurt raisins, fiber one fruit snacks, etc. or for savory maybe add some chucked chicken, jerky sticks, nuts, crackers, whatever you want!)When the hot syrup is ready out of the microwave, I then mix the powder into the liquid until mixed well. I spoon the mixture into silicone bar pans (Freshware SL-113RD 9-Cavity Narrow Silicone Mold for Soap, Cake, Bread, Cupcake, Cheesecake, Cornbread, Muffin, Brownie, and More) and refrigerate for as little as a half an hour and they are ready to eat!See pics for more ideas! The unlabeled pics are "Garlic Onion Chicken Bars" and "Blueberry Muffin Bars" and a "Chia, Nuts & Seeds Blend Bar".I love this protein powder and the creative freedom it allows me to still be healthy without eating the same boring flavors. It is also a smooth powder that is never chunky and (to me) is plain enough to be a "clean slate" for new flavors! But just beware that if you try it, you'll probably never go back to flavored proteins again! Hope this is helpful - please click if it was!

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